Sep 16, 2010

pull me closer to love.....seriously??

"For it is true that no situation presents itself twice the same. The opportunities of today are not those of tomorrow. Live not as though they might be repeated. Fail not to enter every open door. Be not held back by a feeling of unreadiness. I myself am they preparation." 
Come Away My Beloved - Frances Roberts

Pull me closer to love....... seriously?  hmm, the pulling part is the feeling of unease and " maybe i am not ready yet" thoughts that play through our head.  If we stayed in this mindset we would never do anything ... paralyzed by fear.  Fear is talked about in the Bible hundreds of times. We are commanded to not fear. 

If I pray for more, more opportunities, more chance meetings, more relationships than how can I say no when asked to do something that is for the kingdom?  If I say no to God then who loses? Me. He can find someone else to do what he has asked me to do. But, he wants to bless ME. He is giving ME the opportunity to grow.  I should run to it .... but instead my first thoughts are, how does this interfere in my life, my my my, i am so self absorbed:). yup, not gonna deny it!

I have to stay in the moment with God.. every morning. If i start my day with him i have a much better chance of including him in my whole day. 
Seriously...... that is the word i have claimed recently. I am not taking my self and my life so seriously anymore. Do i seriously love my life, my God, my family??  Yes, but its me who I am talking about. I am in this for the long run and the joke is on me.... cause the long run really isn't so long. My life is but a vapor.
So, here I am, all of me.  I am a child of the king, a daughter of the master creator, artist and deliverer. I don't worry that I will offend with the gospel or people wont like me or they will think i am weird. I probably am weird, certainly by the worlds standards. So what? Who cares? I don't.  Why do we care about this stuff? When i am gone who is going to remember anything about me? Or what will people remember?  "yeah, she had good teeth , but that hair?" or " she really should have shopped somewhere other TJ Max, would have really helped."  The only thing we leave are the impressions we have put on peoples hearts. Have we shared love with them?  I believe that love stems from our faith in a living , breathing God.  
I want to leave people with love.... so i have to be pulled closer to love. I have to be stretched, made uncomfortable and feel kind of yucky sometimes. God has already prepared me and i need to continue to walk through the open doors and know that these opportunities will not be repeated tomorrow. 

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