Oct 26, 2010

Never shave or talk on cell while running

So the nino says, "Hey madre, we (xcountry guys) decided we are going to shave our heads or legs or something for sectionals this week."

I am left wondering what "or something" is... and think back to the Book of Isaiah when God had the people shaved as a punishment. Cant be good....
These kids are going to shave their legs or "their somethings" because they are happy and because they must think it will make them run faster.  Hmm, maybe.

Last week they ran Regionals and the boy took 1 minute and 7 seconds off his best time at this course. This is the hated, killer hill course and it was nothing short of a miracle.  It could only be compared to watching, no, being AT Chariots of Fire.  Totally serious.
His team mates did equally well so there is much excitement among the running world of Central High school this week.  Add to that the picture of them running around the tent of Jericho, I mean Centennial, three times with the Nino holding the Central flag high.  Yes, they beat their hometown rival.

This is the same boy who has still not opened the SAT book and is praying he makes it to state..... which just happens to be the day of his SAT test!  It will just figure if he worms his way out of it.... through xcountry.
I will be out $60.00 and with no test results. Maybe I can take that test. Its not like I have not prepared! Gonna get me some new number 2's and sharpen em up.

So, the nino says they think they will start with their heads.  The shaving that is......"Hmm, did you forget your senior pictures are in two weeks?"  He quickly replies, "well, we will shave something." "What?",  I say a little louder than I had just practiced in my head.  He stares at me and says, "our legs, I don't know!"

His dad calls to say good morning.  This immediately sparks life out of the boy, who is finishing off his chocolate chip pancakes. "Guess what today is?,  he asks with big smile.   I am about to guess the day he starts looking at the SAT questions online, or starts asking me, ( deep voice)" and how was your day madre? Run into anyone interesting today?" upon his return home from school.

He joyfully shouts...." Its the day i get my upgrade!!" Ahh, this is like Christmas to teenage boys and girls the world round!!
 The day I get the new phone that I have bugged the _ _ _ _ (crap) out of my parents for, for the past two years.  It is going to "complete me", but alas, once this new phone touches my hand, its beauty will fade like a rose in the hand of Beauty's beast.  I will find that there is actually a better one, an even newer one, an unbelievable one, one that will make all our lives better........ If you will just let me have it before my next upgrade....... AGH, I HATE THE CELL PHONE CULT, I mean companies.  It does seem like a cult.  These people are evil and we all need an exorcism by the time they are done with us.

So, the nino reminds me his dad told him if he could break a certain time he would get him a certain, ridiculous phone.  I agreed because I thought the nino didn't have it in him.  Correction, I knew he had it in him, but i wasn't sure he knew he had it in him.  Drats, he figured out he did!

So, I will pray that the boy accomplishes all that he is capable of and gifted to do by God.  In that end I will be out $60.00, loss of SAT test, owner of new high end phone and additional monthly bill.  I will also be the madre of a son who has a shaved head with a big C in it.  C for Central,  C for Cross Country, or maybe C for Crazy.   C for Christ follower...... for sure.

So, run nino run and don't ever look back. The race is before you.

And don't worry about the SAT. I hated that test too!

Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.
Hebrews 12:1

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