Oct 22, 2010

The Yankees, bike pumps and other stuff that wakes me up at three am

The heavy, blue SAT book sits on my sons dresser, among xcountry clothes, empty gatorade bottles and trophies from Little League baseball, years past.
Has he seen the SAT book? Has he noticed it when I put the book in front of him on the kitchen table or when i yell out to him , "I got one right!" after answering the question of the day that pops up on my email ...... I think I am going to get in a really good school :-)  and I'm not telling him the correct answer. You know what they say, "He's my competition" He might take my spot at that world renowned institution of partying, i mean higher learning.

The fact that he is quite comfortable at the moment ..... doesn't seem to keep me up at night though. I figure God has this covered for me. It is a special gift he gives moms of sons. He understands what we go through, trying to figure out what the heck they are thinking in that strange brain.

So, the boy plays this game with me, its very unique and lots of fun.
When I say, "Dan, you should get your college applications done.", he responds in a deep voice," You should get YOUR college applications done."
Isn't that clever?!  I bet his employers will love that some day, don't you think?!  I can just hear him now, laughing all the way to taco bell working the late night shift.

So, today I took his advice and applied to some interesting colleges with choices of majors for him. There was Women's studies at the University of Wisconsin,  Cyberfeminism at Cornell,  Profession of maple syrup at Alfred university, Professional Nanny at... cant remember name of that school.
I hope he likes my choices for him!

No, what keeps me up at night is trying to figure out where my darn Yankee's car sticker is..... hey, its playoff time and tomorrow might be too late!  Plus, I am not convinced God is a total Yankee fan, as that country song, "God Bless Texas" keeps running through my mind! So annoying.

Also, I really need to get a pump for my cycling bike. I always used Brendas but we no longer live two houses apart so.... might be hard getting over there on two flat tires.  The fact that we have not ridden these bikes in a year has absolutely no bearing on the dilemma I am facing.

I am also very aware that my dogs collar is orange yet her gentle leader is red. This is the worst combination and I really need to fix this. I have actually seen the other dogs turn their heads and snicker when we pass in the park.

 The list of things that don't keep me up at night.
I do not worry about.....

Where I am going to live next year
Where my son is going to school
How long my husband is going to want to be a Kansan
What I am going to do when I become an empty nester and move from everything I know.. all in one day( okay, i worry about this a little)
What God has up his sleeve for me
Where Im going to spend eternity

Now, where is that Yankee stuff?

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