Oct 20, 2010

saturating the soul in the oil of the Holy Spirit....

James 1:12 "Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, for when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life, that God promises to those who love him."

My yesterday was a full day, starting early and ending when I finally turned off the Yankee game because it became so painful. We Yankee fans are not used to that type of anguish.

My day began early with some amazing Christian women who came together to encourage and challenge each other in our faith and day to day lives. 

It continued with more women who are faithful examples of what God has intended his children to be. Not pious, jumper wearing, dull women..... NO way, these are beautiful, bright, talented women. They encourage me to be a better daughter of the king. 

Finally, i sat in a meeting with some very articulate( yes, I am a little biased) men and women and discussed the opportunities before us. The challenges of Christian leadership and the benefits of being like minded and desiring to please God in the roles we play. We each recited the James verse we had committed to memory. It seems appropriate for my life right now.

Yes, it was a good day...... but the best was yet to come.
As I was leaving I stopped and chatted with a gal who I think is beautiful, inside and out. She is a generous woman and asked me how things were going as she is aware of my husbands job in another state.
She spoke to me from her heart and she shared some things that only she could share. She has wisdom as she has walked this road more often than I have. She  encouraged me more than she may ever know. 
She speaks truth clearly and I listened because I know whom she serves. 
She challenged me to be a better wife. 
She didn't tell me I needed to be a better wife. She showed me through her words of encouragement and her heart.
She has a servants heart. I do not. 
I have a selfish heart. I saw it more clearly after spending 15 minutes with her. 
So, I could have ignored it...... kinda still considering it :-)
But i cant because i want to go forward in my faith.
I have to go forward in my faith. 
The Holy Spirit demands I go forward in my faith.

So i will "Saturate my soul in the oil of the Holy Spirit, and keep my channel of communication always open to my heavenly Father. His desire is towards me,     and he will be my strong habitation."     
Come away my Beloved

I am so thankful for people who are willing to invest in other people, with nothing to gain for themselves. They simply know they are called to do that and they obey, respond and glorify.

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