Oct 14, 2010

the long and winding road

The Beatles sure did have a way with a tune.... 

"The long and winding road, 
that leads me to your door
You left me standing here
a long long time ago
Don't leave me waiting here
Lead me to your door."

Today, I drove that long and winding road, the road less traveled and a road not on any map that my husband and I thought would be a fun drive, a scenic drive or even a Sunday drive.
But, its still a good road, with lots of nice things along the way. The people you meet on this road are nice, very pleasant actually. The road has lots of twists and turns and you never know what's around the corner. Isn't that what makes the drive fun though?
I dislike straight roads. I have told my husband that forever. I don't like flat anything. Well, i would like my stomach to be flat again.
Flat roads where you can see what is coming and going is boring and we dont like anything boring. So, we are traveling this road because we don't know where it leads but we do know it leads us to each other.... one day soon. 

My husband is very kind to me. Maybe he feels a little guilty for dragging me from N.Y. half way around the country for the past 16 yrs( i actually kinda like it:)) or for not letting me get a Harley after taking a grueling week long motorcycle class in 100 degree temps and passing with flying colors.
Something about surgeons calling them donor cycles instead of motorcycles, not sure I wasn't listening....

But he decided to buy me something he thought I would really like.  I think he did it so I would have to come and spend a couple of days with him.  It makes me sad that he is alone during the week. Secretly, I think he likes it. He was having lamb for dinner tonight. Hmm, i had a candy bar. He also likes to have complete control over the TV. Hmm, who watches football on thursday night? There shouldn't be football on a Thursday night.

So, today I drove my present home, on the long and winding road. I thought of him along the way and how sweet he is and how I miss him. 
So enjoy your football and lamb and freedom to live as a bachelor.... for the time is short. One of these days you will have to take your wife to lunch, grocery shop together (again) and watch lifetime..... ah, the good ole days.
Sleep well my love.... and dont forget to make the bed. I know, even from 600 miles away:)


  1. so sweet dale, thanks for your beautiful thoughts. So glad to be on this winding road with you!

  2. Twist and turns keep it interesting. I have my M class too....perhaps we are sisters in more ways than one??


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