Nov 16, 2010

Life is ALWAYS good... part 1

peeking weimaraner

Trying to accomplish, prepare, complete and check off..... sometimes gets in the way of what I am really supposed to be doing.  Even when that something is good.

This was me a few days ago as the door bell rang 4 times in two hours.  Not a typical sound as Molly reminded me, joyously barking as she raced to the door each time, waiting to devour her prey.  She was hoping for squirrel.  Each time, new disappointment for her.
Silly Molly, squirrels don't ring doorbells.  They throw acorns at your head as you try and run up the trees after them.  They squawk and squeak, looking down at you.  As if they are saying, "You really think you can beat me up this tree little girl?! Ha... Rookie! "

What a welcome team we are...... me pulling her back from the door as she personally welcomes the neighbor,  sniffing every crevice, observing where they have been, their favorite food and who they voted for last week.... Really Molly, Bad dog. :-)

So, I didn't accomplish what I had set out before me.
It was a reminder that even though my goals were good, God had something better for me at the moment.  I am learning, slowly.
A sweet friend stopped by, who is always willing to help with anything.  We dont have a lot of one on one time but I am feeling that when we do it is always real and worthwhile.  I like worthwhile.

Worthwhile -sufficiently important, rewarding, or valuable to justify time or effort spent.

Later, my neighbor came over.  She is from Denmark. She wanted to invite the hubby and I over along with two other couples from our new hood.  I think they are all in their late 70,'s maybe early 80's.  Funny thing, I was pretty pumped.  Yes, of course we will come!

I never accomplished what I had set out to do, but the blessing was all mine. Truth is, I will always have a list, longer and more unnecessary than I can imagine.  There will even be some good things on that list. I think the truth is that God will show me what he wants me to accomplish each day.... list not included.

I am reminded of one of my favorite sayings - "Make your plans in pencil and give God the eraser."
Maybe i should just use invisible ink and save myself the trouble.
the scream

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