Nov 8, 2010 so true, i love you.

Alexandria in her grammy's bridesmaid dress from many years ago

Twenty one years ago a sweet baby girl entered this world.  Wednesdays child
Life became brighter that day.... a ray of sunshine shone through the clouds on that cold, blustery morning in Orange County, New York.
She was the most beautiful baby girl I had ever seen and she has grown more beautiful through the years.
She had a widows peak with dark hair and beautiful almond shaped eyes, the color blue, not as blue as her daddy's but a blue all her own. Blue eyes that saw things some her age could not.

She was a joy from the first moment I saw her.  This has not changed.
Wisdom and maturity have been her character from the early years.
Independent from the start and yet always a closeness between us.   A special bond we have shared.
An unspoken acknowledgement of where we have come from, together.

First her mama, her protecter and encourager.  That will never change.....
but, now she is also my friend.
 I want to be her friend because she is generous and kind, funny and silly.  She shows me how to live better and makes life richer.  She makes me laugh( and I love to laugh) and well, she is just quite spectacular.  She is like fireworks on the 4th of July!

My wish for Sunny..... this year as she turns 21.

My wish for you, sweet Ali is to always trust the One who created you.  HE alone is your comforter, encourager and provider for all that you need.
I wish you friends who love you, and hold you accountable.  Friends who share your joys and sorrows. Friends who grow more precious as the years go by.
I wish you joy in what God gives you each day.
I wish you wisdom and discernment in the choices you make.
I wish you love, that is pure and honest and chosen by God.
I wish you peace, joy and love my dear sunny girl.
Yes, I wish Gods blessing indeed on you.


  1. What a beautiful tribute . . .made all the more special as my mom was the Bride when your Mom wore the dress!

  2. Yes, Juli, pretty sweet isn't it?! My mom loves that dress soooo much. :-)

  3. that is so beautiful just like the two of you


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