Nov 4, 2010

Late night chatterings

Maybe it was the starbucks pumpkin spice Latte at 4 pm or the three diet cokes at noon.  So unlike me, really.  Hey, it was my birthday, living on the edge, partying like a rock star....
 I think i would have been okay if the screeching hadn't started as I was turning off Letterman.

The same screeching that woke us up at three am the other night. Difference being hubby was next to me  then, so i said, "did you hear that" and he responded "yes." Then he got up and walked out into the kitchen. Not sure why as clearly the sound was above us and maybe even outside.  Maybe he was hungry.
 Then the husband returned, put a pillow over his head and went back to sleep.  Like he heard me say  "Hey Hawkeye, no worries, I got this one." Really?
So, now if I could just recognize the fact that I have the same amount of help I had the other night......
I always cling to hope..... something about the belief that if there was an attack the husband would miraculously spring to life and mortally wound the beast.
Memories come to mind of us years ago, hiding under a huge white quilt as a bat dive bombed us in our bedroom.  We started giggling realizing we were a bats dream come true..... a huge white moth waiting to be devoured.

Do bats screech?  Hmm... I was thinking screech owl but now i am not so sure.
Its more like a large rodent, in my house, teeth gleaming in the moonlight, next to my bed, ready to pounce..... okay, thats enough!
 Now the screeching is creeping me out. Its now 1 am... I move to the couch where the dog is sure to protect me if a flying squirrel comes out of the fireplace to attack.  Rotsa ruck there....

Thanks to the violent predator in my house and starbucks I am awake reflecting on my day.....

A day well spent, with two friends.  Friends I have known for over 15 yrs.  A friendship that developed through the tough times.
It was only a few hours together.  A drive north. A stop by the train station. A lunch to share emotional and physical nourishment.  A little shopping.  A book store stop and coffee break.  Back to the train and on the road again.... back home for two of us.
Back to the city for the other.

When will we see her again?  Hopefully soon.
What can we offer each other?  Ourselves, in small pieces.

She is an amazing woman really.  Bright, articulate and gentle.  She has been to hell and mincing of words here.
 She has fought through the darkest of night and survived to the morning, though some may seem cloudy and overcast.
She has suffered through things that most others would not have survived.  I struggle with words to even describe the pain and anguish she felt.  My words would be cheap as I did not walk this road and was only a helpless bystander, shooting up prayers to God like, "How can this be, please save her!!"  Of course God sent her angels to help her heal and she is forever grateful.

She is gracious and thankful. She lives simply and is content. She has lost everything and she appreciates the simple things in life. Grateful is a word to describe her.

She willingly accepts books that I treasure, believe in and think of as must reads. She may read them or not and pass them on. She is never offended because she knows my heart.
My prayer is that someday she will have the same peace that I have.  She could know total forgiveness and healing if she found this but one cannot force a gift.  It must be accepted.
In time I pray she will accept it and have new life.

God brings people into our lives...... to love.  To share lifes burdens and joys.  To be a buffer against the winds that blow and storms that threaten to sweep us away.
How do we do life alone?  How do we find hope and courage to carry on without love? We are created for relationship with God and others.
I hope I can be a small portion of comfort to those who are in pain.  I hope I willingly share a burden as well as a joy.
Lord, teach us to live well and joyfully, always deeply searching the eyes we meet.  Do we see the pain and turn away or do we reach out and touch with the love of Jesus?

Guess that screech or caffeine was necessary to get me thinking.  Really God, You couldn't just tell me what you wanted to tell me... in a dream?!   I had to listen to my dog snore all night....

Just heard the noise again. I think it might be coming from the shower. Maybe its the pipes, water, heat.... ideas?

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