Mar 18, 2011

Heaven applauds us

I'll praise You in this storm by f. prestes

A pastor once said, "The curtain is going up on the next act of your life. You have everything you need to dazzle the earthly audience surrounding you and to garner the heavenly applause of Him who loves you most."

Our goal should never be about dazzling men but pleasing our God.  And yet, I understand what this pastor meant( I think).
We were created by the God of the heavens and the earth. Surely he has given us gifts to dazzle. He created us in His image and look how He dazzles. He is more brilliant than the sun. Moses glowed when he came down from the mountain after being with the Lord. 
Have we searched God and asked Him to show us these gifts. If we know what they are, do we use them to dazzle His people? Not for our glory, but for His... always to bring others closer to Him.

Heaven applauds when we say yes to the Father. 
Whatever scene the Lord has placed you in today, know that He is already there... applauding.
Today may be difficult but He is still there, tenderly whispering"I love you".
Say yes to what He is asking you today.
 He will provide all that is needed. 
When we share the love of the Most Gracious One and use this day, just this moment... to touch a life that He loves. That He created. That He sees as a valuable, precious jewel of His creation. 

He applauds us. He loves us most. 
Do you find it hard to breathe after reading that? I do. Say it...... He applauds you. He loves you most.

Give thanks to the God of gods. His love endures forever.
Psalm 136:2

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