Mar 4, 2011

I want to do a beautiful work

Listen for God... by Michael 1952
Listen for God...
from Michael 1952

I want to do a beautiful work, for Him.
 Not for me. Not for accolades.  I want to be a pleasing aroma to the One who made me. Who knit me together. Who knows my days and has planned them before I had eyes to see. Even now when my vision is foggy and blurred by all that runs in front of me, begging me to follow. 
I want to choose the best. 
I want more of Him.
Maybe there is still too much I and me in here. I choose, I see, I want, I do......where is that from? Not Him. Me. 

"You are not unworthy; you are not unprepared. You have no reason to hold back unless your love for Me is too small. If this is the only hindrance, draw closer to Me, and I will pour my love out upon you so that your affection for me may be deepened and perfected. Lo, I wait for you. Come to me."
Come Away My Beloved 

Lord God, my deliverer, my rock and my redeemer, choose me today. You know my heart and my desires. Use them to glorify You and only You.
Make me a sweet aroma to You.
Let these eyes that are blind see with Your spirit and wisdom. Give this soul discernment for new things and new ways. Ways that are true and pure and right. 
Provide the path to one who has lost her way, who takes the easy road, free from rocks and pot holes that slow her down. Where is she going in such a hurry, if not following You?
Show her the narrow road that will provide opportunities that only come from above. The path that is full of light and whose tree roots will be strong and its branches protect her in the storms that try to call her away from You.

He calls to me in the silence and says, "Listen my daughter, listen and I will tell you. I will show you the way."

"He is a chosen vessel of Mine to bear My name."
Acts 9:15


  1. God does not call the prepared He prepares the called.

  2. Your devotion touched my heart soo much :)


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