Feb 23, 2011

The good news,bad news and welcome to the neighborhood....woof woof

Our new home was inspected yesterday. So the husband calls asking if I want to hear the good news first or the bad news first. I dislike this question whenever asked. My brain goes to a distant land where rationalization lives....  Lets see good or bad, sad or happy, upset or ahh, all is well. I can make the best out of most stuff, trust me. Glass half full or half empty? Hey, I am just glad to have a glass:)

So, do I want the bad news first or last?
Sometimes Hawkeys bad news is my good news....
Hmm, not sure how this transfers to a home inspection though. It could work like this. Hawkeye says, "Honey, we have to replace the shower floor, there's a leak but the guy told me its only gonna cost 150 bucks." See this is bad news with good news included. He tricks me in this type of conversation.  His bad news, goods news is really my bad news...though it wants to be my good news.

Heres what I mean. I say..."Oh my, the shower floor is broken?!" Well, lets replace the complete shower, heck lets do the whole bath in marble, heated floors, soaking tub, roman shower, 5 1/2 shower heads. "Hey, lets get a tv and a wine cooler(?)... everyone has them!"
How much could it really cost?! I mean... really. He looks at me in disbelief..... " Its gonna cost $150 bucks" and leaves the room. What, What... hey, where ya going? Come back here.....

Or Hawkeye could say, " There's a gash in that kitchen cabinet door but I have a guy who can order us new one... gonna cost 150 bucks".
And I sweetly reply..."Well, in that case lets change all the cabinets. I mean it only makes sense. You know they will never match and so you may as well put in granite too and the floor, well...."
Hawkeye has left the building.... what, what?

Now... the real good, bad or otherwise interesting news....
As the men, Hawkeye included were inspecting the outside of the house, peering and kicking at the rotted out spindles of the outside railing... they began to hear a noise.
First a "woof, woof" the kind a medium to large size dog makes. It had appeared on the other side of the wrought iron fence. Hmm, my husband thought, a black Labrador.... Molly and she will probably be friends, eventually.
Molly is our 65 lb weimeraner who thinks most other dogs are just dumb and would rather eat them for a snack.
Yeah, its a great quality to have in your pet, especially while living in animal kingdom also known as Charles Street.  Seems most folks are not satisfied with one dog, when you can have two. One big and one small. Molly is angered hourly at what goes on outside her perch at the living room window, but back to the problem at hand... or foot.

Soon, there is more noise, commotion and something in pink scurrying on the ground near the labrador. Is it a ground hog, large rat or oops, its the neighbors other dog?! Something out of a taco bell commercial. Yikes! Then another one appears, and finally another....... hey, I cant make this stuff up.
Ahh, starting to see why this house has been on the market.

Hawkeye and Frank our Realtor exchange glances... they shake their heads.
So welcome to the neighborhood or the zoo and make sure you have all your shots.
Either way its starting to look like a Chevy Chase movie as Hawkeye is looking online for small fireworks that leave no remains....just kidding, I think.

Me, I'm still thankful to have a glass and a husband with a sense of humor.
Oh, and he told me its 66 degrees and sunny in Oz today. Really?! Hmm, still gray and freezing here. Maybe it is the Emerald City.......... nah.


  1. Ok. Seriously. The weather is WAY better there than here. It's hot hot hot in the summer, but not nearly as humid. Spring comes sooner, fall stays longer... It's like until 9 pm in the height of summer. It is never dark at 4 pm in the winter. Now, I realize I'm a bit biased, but it's definitely Emerald City to me, by comparison. So what if there are a few more tornadoes. It's worth it.


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