Feb 19, 2011

The yellow brick road to the three rings.... oh JOY!

Its been an exciting week for the hubby and I.  We have been blessed again.... in surprising and creative ways that only the hand of God can deliver. God is good, in the big stuff and the little things that we sometimes hesitate to bring to him. He cares that much about us. No matter what our need or concern, he wants to bring us joy and remind us how great His love is for His children. 

A Joy....We spent Valentines day together .. a big deal and blessing considering we are usually 600 miles apart during the week. We enjoyed a great dinner at our new favorite little restaurant and spent 4 busy days together. 
The temperatures were beautiful all week, toping 77 degrees on our last day before heading home.

We didn't go anywhere fancy and we were not on Holiday. We were smack dab in the middle of the country, literally. OZ also known as Wichita. The temps and greening of the yards made me believe it just might be the Emerald city.....now where was that yellow brick road?

A Joy....We never found the yellow brick but we did find another brick, lots of them actually... that were bound together to make the most lovely home that will soon be Hawkeyes and mine.  We think it fell out of the sky just for us but no witch in sight. Hey! Be nice....

We prayed about a home, the right area and price and all that goes with creating a life that is good and pleasing. I prayed that we would be a blessing to our neighborhood and find a blessing in return.
Our terrific realtor and darling wife have made the process fun and we are thankful for them. They were more than a little surprised at out good fortune with this home purchase. We give God the glory as we feel He made it very clear this was the house for us.

The day before we left for Oz Hawkeye realized he had lost his wedding ring. He and Dan had been wrestling and also outside shoveling snow and he remembered he had put his ring in his shirt pocket. Yes, I told him you never take your ring off..... this was his third ring loss. Do I think maybe he is trying to tell me something? Does he ever listen to me? The answer is no to both questions.

The first two losses happened at work. You can't operate on people while wearing a ring. Just an FYI. So, out with the laundry they probably went.  They were both made of gold like any good wife would pick for her beloved.

The third ring was purchased in Greece last summer. Much care was taken in the choosing and sizing of it. Well, actually that could not be farther from the truth.
 I was in a little store and while I was at the counter making a purchase I saw this ring. I think it was sitting in a bowl of about 20 identical rings. I picked one up, eyeballed it, saw that it was about 7 euros and thought... perfect! I had no idea if it would fit or if Hawkeye would like it.
 I gave it to him while walking down the ancient street on that beautiful Island and said something like, "Here, see if you can hang on to this one." Romantic huh? He looked at it, slipped it on said he loved it! No, he is not very high maintenance and that's my good fortune.

So here we are, back from Oz walking down our driveway to take our puppy for a walk when I said something to him about being sorry he didn't find his ring. He has been really bummed about it. This is a guy who cant stand losing things and he has had a lot of practice at being upset about losing things.....:)

Another Joy....
The words are not even fully out of my mouth when he points to the ground and says,"and there it is!" WOW, we were thrilled and so joyful! He told me he had prayed about it. He was as joyful about finding this ring as he was about finding a home for us. I think that is pretty awesome and a beautiful picture to Gods love for us. It knows no bounds. Don't ever doubt how much God desires to show you the depth of His love. Thank you God for the joy and blessing of relationship with you and each other. What Joy you give us.

"Everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened."
Matthew 7:8


  1. A huge winner, Dale love it!!!!

  2. Wow, that is so cool and sweet of God to "find" the ring for y'all. I love it!! Mike lost his first ring from our wedding in surgery as well! Love to you and your family!!! Stay in touch!!! Dana


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