Apr 14, 2011

Who’s Your Daddy  – Chapter 0ne

One thing I know. The blessing is in the obeying. In the laying down of ones life for another. As He laid bare His flesh for us, His chosen ones.

We will never truly live until we die to self. Taking in the day to day truths of Him, His word exhaling from us like the air that we breathe. Consuming as much of Him as our lungs can claim. Little bits of Him that will shine out of us in ways we had not thought possible, because we are mostly unlovely. Ah, but He is not. 

He is beauty and we are His. He can create beauty out of these empty shells. He can take the hard knots of life and soften them as dough in the bakers hand. He tells us that we are clay and He is the potter. Let Him mold us into something beautiful. Something useful to Him. Something that can bring glory to the great I Am.

We will then become the sweet smelling aroma and the bowl that can be filled, filled with the attributes of God. Let it overflow and be a blessing.
Do we trust Him enough to obey, to say, " Not my will, but thine, Oh Lord." Big words for such stiff necked, fearful people.

But He is worthy and wonderful. He is the truth giver, the wisdom sharer, the lover of our souls. He knows the plans He has for us… and they are good!

Obey, and see that He is good. As He obeyed His Father and laid Himself out for us, taking on the whole world. The depravity and stench of everyone of us, from Adam to the newborn, crying as he takes in life.

Everyone… He loves and gave His all for…. So that we may see with new eyes and hunger for more in this life. More of Him and less of me. More of His ways and less of mine.
More truth and less wasting away my days. Finding my purpose in Him, not man.

How do we arrive at this place? This place of holiness? This place where God is waiting and seeking for us to follow Him?
Each in a different way I imagine, but still in truth.  Through our journey, our choices, our pain and stumbling. The bruises we have felt and wounds that won’t heal. No matter, just arrive. Don’t miss it. This is the point.

When we come to the place we can Obey.
Then we find the Joy.
The Blessing of the mixture. 

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