May 7, 2011

My Mom

A few thoughts about my mom.

My mom didn't fit the mold of the 1970's mom. She preferred her own mold.
She had big ideas and plans. An actress at heart, with a flair for the dramatic. She hasn't changed much. She married her handsome prince and they worked hard, lived well and moved south to the beach, like any smart New Yorkers.     
She taught her kids they could be anything they desired and went out and lived it herself, by working hard and creating the life that she desired for her family.
A business woman from the time I can remember. She may have been cooking in the kitchen but her ear was to the phone, working a deal and making plans.
She taught us to be independent early, cooking, baking, laundry... remembering my 16 yr old brother sewing a patch on his jeans. Mom probably wasn't going to get around to that.
We had to figure out some stuff on our own.. no hovering helicopter parents.

She would not have cried when her kids moved out, knowing this is what they were created to do. Wings to fly were handed out instead of blinders.
 Always quick to support, encourage and help in any way she can.

She thinks her kids are the smartest, brightest, most talented people ever. The grandchildren.. well, just ask her.

She took care of her mom in the most compassionate, grace filled way, in her last years.
Perhaps the most important qualities in moms... compassion and grace that can be layered on their children.
Sometimes they need a cotton sheets worth, while other times only a down comforter of compassion will do.
The mixture of grace and compassion can heal most wounds and give a satisfying measure of peace in the moment.

Thanks mom, for not crawling into a mold that someone else created and thanks for always loving us with grace and compassion.

This piece was to run in The Palm Beach Post on Sunday, May 8th.... as a surprise to the mama.  Last minute change bumped it....


  1. Yes, that's our Mom...i juts love her to pieces.And I too am so glad she was true to herslef, not ypical, but authentic. She taught us well. Love her and you, Dale..and miss Gram so very much, daily. <3

  2. of course i meant JUST and HERSELF and TYPICAL...this was the 3rd try, was being very difficult to post a comment this time. oh well..

  3. Thank you dear daughters for your memories as being good and not negligent. I wonder how Craig's memories would portray those years. His and your cards always convey love and appreciation and respect for the way I conducted my life. There is nothing more that a mother could want.

  4. Craig feels the same way Mom...he's just a boy, and rather silent about it, lol


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