May 15, 2011

Sunny Days

Looking out my living room window, the rain is dripping off the trees bursting in full bloom. Spring is struggling to shine through this gloomy day, but the sun will not win today.
A good day to ponder the last week of beginnings and endings and a week ahead that promises more of the same.  Ah, it has all happened too quickly.

The daughter requested the parentals last week.... bearing tools. Help was needed to move out of the dorm and into the Big House. Oh my, it's something. Three flights of outdoor steps. Up with the leather couch. Up with the bookcases. Up with the queen size bed... and on and on the afternoon went.  All enjoyed in the sub-tropical Nashville climate, while I wondered why she didn't choose a first floor bedroom. 
Reflection is that she wanted our support, our enthusiasm, her dads wisdom, his knack for changing outdoor light bulbs and noticing gapping holes in basements where families of raccoons might entertain moving.

As the day grew long.... thoughts of food made the bellies grumble.  We became a family of 8 by the time we sat down to a lovely Thai dinner. As I looked around the table I saw a young man who exemplifies the word gentleman. His plan is seminary next year. He will be a fine pastor someday. Next to him is another young man who is kind and compassionate. He is working in L.A. and enjoying every moment .  He is a mover and shaker and will do well.  Among the group, two new friends and new roomies in The Big House.  Both sweet and beautiful and remind me how wise my daughter is in picking friends.  The one from Louisville was celebrating her 20th birthday.  Oh, how I felt for her mama, wishing her daughter was home to sing and dance with on her day.  She reassured me she was driving home the next day. 
Besides the daughter, one who has visited with us and we claim her as our own. An Irish Catholic beauty from Chicago..... Notre Dame runs in her blood.  She is funny and kind and a friend to the end.
 I live with the man who is generous and claims all students as his. He always makes me smile when he reaches for the check.

This was the ending of a season for the daughter. Watching over 300 girls these past two years has filled many hours for this Resident Assistant. Never a dull moment and that is what she will miss the most. 
She is moving quickly into the land of adulthood. Rent, utilities and all that comes with living in a home. Some sad moments for her she confided but then a quick smile and , "It's time mom, and this is gonna be great."
Yes daughter, it will be great. 
Under my breath I am telling her she really doesn't need to use that 100 year old fireplace and candles really look nicer unlit and do you realize how many doors are in this house. Who is going to lock them .......... she doesn't hear most of it.

Meanwhile back on the ranch.....
The boy was preparing for senior prom. He picked up the flowers, bought the tickets and was ready when we arrived home. A quick pressing of the shirt,  pictures were taken, money in the wallet was double checked and he was off.

The week ahead is full of last times. The last two tracks meets of a high school career, last days of classes. Last time you will see some of these friends... ever.  It happens as you walk away in that cap and gown. There is a realization that occurs as you put on that fabric and clasp that diploma in your hand. Life changes in that moment.
You now make your own decisions. Never will life be the same once you throw that cap in the air. 
Yes, you are free ..... but adulthood is right around the corner my son. 

Take a few moments my sweet ones to look back and tuck away the memories. Breathe deeply and seek the best from Him, daily.  Go forward with full confidence and excitement for the next chapter.... and know that dad will be waiting with light bulbs, hammer and wallet. I will be the one reminding you that even when its gloomy outside, the joys and blessings of this journey make the sun shine through.

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