Jun 21, 2011

Monday, Monday....

Recognizing it's not Monday....  yesterday was. Today is Tuesday and the first day of summer!!!

Be happy it's not Friday with a video of my Rebecca Black rendition....
Watch out Steven Colbert. You are not the only who knows all the lyrics.

This Monday was a good Monday. The husband was home and life was sweet.
The weekend was settling down in my soul and the cobwebs clearing from my head. I was recognizing the opportunities ahead and the commitment and persistence they would demand of me.

Recognizing Jesus was a devotion I read recently.
It said when self-consideration enters our lives, we are in trouble. We have traded in Lord recognition for ourselves.
When we debate God and start to doubt what we know He told us.....we have turned a dangerous corner.

Instead we should recklessly and willing abandon ourselves to Him... knowing full well, that is what He desires and blesses. Through a reckless trust in Him we will start to recognize His voice clearly.

Whatever the day......
Recognize His truth, knowing that today is a blessing, a gift and an opportunity to trust Him
and not be troubled by self-consideration.

Where do you self-consider in your life...  that you could turn into a Lord recognition.... knowing He is in control?

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