Jun 21, 2011

The Trouble( evils) With Social Media

One should be careful with social media.... especially when waiting for the son to choose his classes for his first semester of college. 
Recognizing the fact that I probably was not paying close attention to my tweets.... because I was hoping he would not end up with
 DJ History, Culture and Technique ( N.Y. University), Learning from YouTube ( Pitzer College)... never heard of it either, 
or Lady Gaga and the Sociology of Fame (University of South Carolina). I might be able to live with Joy of Garbage( Santa Clara University) because we do want to be green and there could be a future in that.

My world of tweeting is limited as my followers are mainly students, my kids and leaders from my church. I follow some authors and speakers and a few others..... but they have not chosen to follow me. I have no idea why( don't miss the sarcasm)

As I was sitting outside with my husband waiting for the nino to finish picking his classes, I checked my phone. They call it smart but I think that is a stretch, at least this particular day.
I will admit the phone had been smart the day before. We had been on our way to the son's dorm when the elevator stopped. It would not go up, down, the door would not open and the phone did not work. Nice.
Before panic set in I reached for my handy, dandy, smart phone and googled the University number. I called and was immediately connected to a women who seemed shocked at our dilemma and called security. They were there in a jiffy and 20 (long) minutes later we were breathing fresh air and kissing the ground. 
We had taken one last family picture and tweeted it, in the off chance we were not found..... alive.

So... back to waiting. I checked my twitter and saw a comment from a fellow tweeter regarding sermons and coffee. I simply and quickly responded that I love sermons on coffee. I put my phone away and conversed with the hubby. He doesn't like it when I talk to him with face in phone. Bad manners, I get that.

Evidently its also bad manners to tweet what I tweeted. Auto correct had taken over and decided what I really meant, and it wasn't a sermon.
I was Weinergated, I tell you... 
and auto correct was the guilty hacker.

My tweet blew up with comments from followers, mostly appalled at my comment.
I pleaded hacking, loss of memory and temporary insanity. They didn't care. They were relentless and grace was not in their vocabulary. They told friends, family, called long lost college buds. It was a fire that was being fueled by the tongue.

I could have been mortified( I was a little) or chosen to laugh at myself and the pickle I had gotten into. I chose the latter. Laughter is always the best option and being able to laugh at one self is high on my list. It was one of the first things I noticed about my husband. 
I laughed at him a lot and he put up with it. Still does.

What is that saying... Laugh and the world laughs with you. Cry and you cry alone.
Not sure, but I will always chose laughter if it is in my power.
 I also hope to be invited for coffee someday. Until then, I will laugh in the face of my fellow tweeters (while looking for their tweet disasters.)

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