Mar 2, 2012

Do I Have To Wear The Shirt Too?

Funny Kansas T-Shirt

A few years ago the daughter was looking at Colleges. At one point she declared that states west of Illinois (California not included) were not even in the running. 
Sorry, I understand this is offensive to some of you.
Why would you even consider going to any these states she exclaimed? They are boring, ugly, squarish in design, void of people with any fashion sense, mostly void of people in general, have detestable weather and ... well, you get the idea. 

I pointed out to her that those states represent where the majority of our food supply comes from, and that we should be happy those states exist. One cannot live on ramen noodles... don't believe they are part of the food pyramid.
At least crops are still made in America.
I admit, I cowered away from her other thoughts on the topic. How crazy do you think I am ...
The facts I shared did nothing to waver her feelings... really why would it? 

She was a bright 18yr old, born in N.Y. where she thought food was made in the back of the A&P or Shoprite.... Farms were something you visited on a School Field Trip. 
They weren't real after all. They were in Pennsylvania and people dressed up like they were Amish and showed you how to milk a cow. The cow went back to the A&P at night. Everyone knows Pennsylvania isn't a real state. It's the land of Hershey, Water Parks and Amish people, right? It's the northeast version of Disney World.

The daughter chose a University in a city compared to Las Vegas, but substitute the L for N. It is trendy, beautiful, the people are talented, hip, and yes, it costs a fortune..
Alas, it has become one of my favorite cities .... however I don't get to live there, I just pay bank like I live there.
I visit and when I do, I recognize that one of the benefits is the uniqueness of the people. Not a lot of conformity. The variety in apparel is confusing to me at times. I can never tell if it works or not. Is it a "what not to wear" or " so hip I can't (literally) stand it."

Compare this... I am in another state and I see a woman with a shirt that spells the state she is in... at the moment. I don't mean mentally, I have no idea about that. The physical state as in, lets say, Kansas... just as an example. 
Does she live in this state? Is she a visitor and so enamored with the state that she can't resist wearing the tee-shirt too?
It is not a University, college or sports team tee- shirt.... just the state. No self promoting, not a hint of anything to do with the wearer.... just the state. 

It got me wondering... if you are In the state, do you need to Wear the shirt too?
Some states are exceptions.... like N.Y.,  yet I never wore a shirt that just said New York..... I knew where I was after all. I am sure I wore an I Love N.Y. shirt with an apple on it... 
 You can bet I wore it with pride too. That's what we do. We self promote.

The other day I saw a guy( in one of those states) that had a tee-shirt on that said, "Jesus hates the Yankees". Really ... because that is NOT the message I received from above.
My husband held me back, no worries.
He was self promoting.. and was probably a Royals fan. Good luck with that.

I can understand if a tee shirt said Georgia Peach, or I love Florida, or Don't mess with Texas
but just the state. 
That seems to be someone who has bought in, drank the juice, hook, line and sinker, a goner.....

Started me thinking...
 What does my shirt say each day?
 Is it about my love for something, my fashion sense? Is it catchy, does it get the attention I am seeking, is it self promoting?
Or does it simply, quietly state where I am, who I am ?  That I have drank the juice. I have jumped in with both feet... a goner. Do I wear the clothes of Christ or of myself? What do others see when they look at me? Someone self obsessed or God obsessed?

We must be clothed in Christ’s righteousness. Job 29:14 says “I put on righteousness and it clothed me.” Righteousness simply means “right-standing”.  It gives you the right to stand in the presence of God without fear or condemnation. We are to wear Jesus everywhere we go. We are to look like Him, walk like Him, talk like Him, act like Him. We are to be Jesus to others. We are to wear Jesus so well that no one will notice the difference – to be in Him and let Him be fully in us.

Father, help me to be clothed in the garments you desire me to wear, and remove the garments that only cause me harm and displease You.

This was an original post from 2011

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