Mar 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Justin Bieber.....


Today is Justin Biebers 18th birthday.

It's a new day in the Beebs world and possibly some of these 18 things are swimming around his brain...

He can now watch a show in Las Vegas. Wait... hasn't he performed there?!
He can marry Selena without parental consent.
He can sign his own contracts.
He can get a forklift license. 
He can finally get that distinctly unique cross tattoo he has been dreaming of.
He can consent for his own medical treatments. I hear butt fillers are all the rage.
He can become a Chippendale dancer.
He can move out of his mamas house and live on his own. Wonder if he will go for a 3 bedroom ranch? 
He can be hired as a bank teller. 
He can apply for his very first credit card... wonder if they will start him at a $5,000 limit?
He can work the register of a Seven Eleven where he can sell buy and sell lottery tickets .
He could have joined the circus at 17. Wonder if he was aware of this fact?
He can legally change his name to Justin Gomez or Will Smith.

Of course there are the obvious things, nicotine, fireworks, porn, register for the draft and vote..... He is from Canada. Do they vote? Are they a monarchy? Do they have their own Queen and who runs that place anyway?

Justin, according to Wiki (which we know to be true), you are "nice, caring, fun loving, down to earth, cute, sweet, talented, handsome, simply amazing, and a prankster. 
So far you sound like my weimeraner. Okay, she's not that down to earth, she's kind of a princess.

Justin...... The King Of Twitter, I imagine you have a million birthday wishes tweeted all day and long into tomorrow. I will not be one of them, however I do wish you a Happy Birthday and offer this short advice.

The coming years will get tougher. Tougher to stay true to who you really are.... deep down in your soul. 
People will tell you how wonderful and perfect you are. Don't believe them.
Remember your roots.
 Remember the friends of your youth.
Have faith in something bigger than yourself and fame. 
Be grounded in a faith that supports you in good times and bad and lasts for eternity.
Remember your mama. How much she loves you and supports you.
Find a passion outside of music that blesses others.
Share what you have with the less fortunate, the lowly, the ones who do not have a voice.
 Be their voice.
Live life passionately, able to look in the mirror each night and know you were an honest man.
Don't save up your treasure on earth.

Remember the words of Horace Greeley -
"Fame is a vapor, Popularity an accident,
 Riches take wings, 
Only one thing endures and that is character."

Happy Birthday Justin

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