Feb 28, 2012

Say My Name, Say My Name

"Say my name, say my name"... I love to sing that part of Destiny's Child song. 
And..... it's the only part I know. 
It's catchy and you can sing it over and over. 

Kind of like my other favorite, "Ice, Ice Baby"...
I ask you, is there a song better than Ice in the whole world?

Hoagie Carmichael, The Gershwin boys, The Duke (think Ellington, not John), Cole Porter, and not to leave out Swift.
Did any of them ever compose anything as catchy as,"Ice Ice baby, Ice"?
I don't know the rest of those words either....
but it makes me feel edgy and fresh. 
Might want to look up fresh, it doesn't mean what it did in 1980.

When I started writing this post, "Say my name, say my name" was on repeat in my head, so I looked up the lyrics and well, they didn't fit at all.
 But maybe some of you, like me don't know the rest of the song.

Last week I was walking into a grocery store near my house. I don't shop there, but needed stamps and there is a post office in this chain. Yes, I love this fact as I do not love going to the post office. I rate it with my detest of the DMV office.
You might be shocked to know what lengths we go to avoid that place.

As I walked through the first set of doors, I heard someone say my name. 
Okay, this would not be a big deal last year, but here, now, where I almost know as many people as I have fingers....
yeah, it was a big deal.
That song started in my head a few minutes later, and it hasn't really stopped.
Well, except when Ice takes over.

The person who said my name wasn't even sure it was me. She just called out, taking a chance. She doesn't shop at this store either but had stopped in to pick up one item.
Maybe it was chocolate because that would make it important.

We talked, we laughed, we almost hugged... she had just come from the gym.
She made my day.
I have been waiting for someone to say my name since I arrived here.
I didn't know this until she said it.

It made me happier than you can imagine. One reason is, I really like this girl. We have a lot in common, age not being one of them.
She is a capable leader in her community. She is passionate in what she believes and how she lives.
I like that in people. She is also funny and likes to laugh. Humor and laughter rate high on my friend list.

The reality is we all want to be known and we want people to say our name. We want people to know us, remember us and smile when they see us.
I had that in the community I left, but here it will take some time.
I was reminded that He knows my name, He says my name and He smiles when He sees me.
The He being God of course.
Didn't want any of you to think Vanilla Ice knows who I am...... I mean he might, but....

When you see someone you know today, holler out to them and say their name. Better yet, just say "Ice, Ice Baby" to them.. bet that gets them smiling.

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