Jul 19, 2011


Today I am praying.. .

Praying for our local FCA Day Camp... almost 700 kids in extreme heat this week. Praying that these students know Jesus and have a fun, safe week.

Praying for a sweet friend, waiting for her first baby... a week overdue and no air conditioning this morning. Lord, maybe today is the day baby Stewart will be born?

Praying for my daughter who will have her wisdom teeth removed... in an hour.
Praying for my husband as he makes the nearly 600 mile drive to our new home... now.

Praying for the friend who's husband is in surgery to have a cancerous tumor removed, at this very moment.
I have been where she is and it can be frightening. Prayers for a good outcome and quick recovery, all provided by God.

Prayers for friends who have family concerns, children, parents, financial, health.
Babies that will be born soon to families that we love and call family.
Families that will move in a month, taking on new responsibilities, new opportunities for God. Exciting, and a little scary.

A friend who is in extreme emotional pain, abused by the people who were supposed to protect her. "Lord, bless her and free her of this pain and noose that seems to tighten each day around her neck. She needs freedom that can only be found in the One who created her. Show her who you are.... today."

Praying for Christ In Youth Camp next week. 1000 kids come together and worship God. A blessing to be a part of.

Praying for our move, in less than a month.
Praying that our kids are ready to start another year of college for the daughter and the freshman year for the boy.
Praying for good health as he transitions into college athletics.
Praying that he loves his college experience and finds a positive environment.
Praying for my opportunity to speak at a conference in Chicago... the week after we move. "Lord, prepare me and may the overflow be evident. May I feel grateful and blessed."

Let my prayer be set forth as incense before You, the lifting up of my hands as the evening sacrifice. Psalm 141: 2

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