Jul 18, 2011

The Birthday Boy

My son turns 18 today! It's his golden birthday this year. 18 on the 18th...

We celebrated Saturday night at dinner. 
We will celebrate every moment we are with him.
 My feeling is birthdays should be celebrated for a week.

I remember the day the son was born. He had these liquid brown eyes, that have only become darker each year. The nurse repeated that all babies are born with blue eyes. 
His dad said, "Not this baby" 
Not his boy.

The ninos dad drove the long drive home Friday night to deliver his late model SUV to the son. The dad handed him the keys and said, "Happy Birthday Son." The boy smiled and hugged his dad.
The following day the dad took him for a new stereo and speakers for his new ride... something all boys like. We nixed the woofer, sub woofer, whatever the heck woofer he wanted.

He has turned from a stubborn little boy, unwilling to take his mamas advice.... 
to a young man with a tender heart, and strong character.
A gentle spirit, yet a willpower to succeed in things of spiritual as well as physical nature.
An inner strength to persevere when exhaustion has set in, the feet are blistered, and the lungs are burning.

He is solid in his beliefs. He has chosen well.
 I have no fears for him in his future.
He is in good hands. The hands of his Father God. 

I pray that he will be a man of noble character, always showing grace and mercy. I pray that he will go the extra mile for those in need, as if doing it unto the Lord. 
I pray that he will be deeply loved and love unconditionally. 
I pray that he would be generous till it hurts, always giving his best. 
That gratitude and thankfulness would always be on his lips. 
I pray that he have friends to share the joys and sorrows of life with.
I pray Gods richest blessings on him. 
He has made me a thankful and grateful mama.

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