Jul 29, 2011

Stand Up And MOVE

I just returned from 5 days with 1000 students. A Christian youth conference, rich in worship and fellowship.  Nothing like that to rock your world, question your choices, shake up the gelatinous stuff that's asleep in your brain.

Students, young people, souls that can't support themselves yet, but are figuring out what's wrong with the world...and want to make a difference... so they stand up. 

They stand up among their brothers and sisters when asked if they have chosen to be a follower of Christ. 
They stand when asked if they sense a calling to serve in full time ministry.
They stand when asked if they want to repent of their past choices, desiring to live a full life, not one hidden in shame.
They stand when asked if they are called to Kingdom Work.
( should we not all stand when asked about repentance and Kingdom work?)

 These are choices made through prayer and mature testing, not from a spiritual high. Many have felt the fires that promise to bring them through as shining gold. They know Whom they serve and they know the way will not be easy. 

The son is called. He has known it for some time and is seeking where. God is faithful and will direct his ways.... if the son watches and seeks Him.

These students remind me why I am called to be a kingdom worker, a sold out, all in, follower of Christ.
Why I say yes when asked to serve. Why I desire to be among students. Why I have a desire to encourage people to a life, rich in Christ and to experience His grace and mercy.
Why I am excited to watch God move and recognize its ALL about Him and not a single thing is about me.
That is a reason to stand. To testify that its ALL about Him. 

If it is all about HIM, why do we spend all of our time thinking about ourselves?

Now that's something worth thinking about.... maybe I should stand up.

Christ In Youth (CIY) exists to connect young people with Jesus Christ. The mission at CIY is to provide opportunities for young people to experience God and His Word in a way that transforms lives. CIY's mission is accomplished in three ways: through conferences, service projects, and mission trips for young people as they stand at the crossroads of their lives and through training and resources for the adults who work with them.

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