Jul 7, 2011

Thankful Today For Gertie.... A Helpmate

Miss Gertrude Hobbs, who affectionately became known as Biddy, short for beloved disciple.    Oswald Chambers
So maybe Gertie is a stretch and maybe Ozzie never called her Gertie ... and she never referred to him as Ozzie. 
I do love Ozzie though. It kind of lightens up the proper name of Oswald, doesn't it? 
Oswald seems a bit stuffy, even for a Scotsman, born in 1847.

Oswald Chambers is the man I am taking privileges with here. He lived a life devoted to Christ... though not a long life. He died November 15, 1917, complications from a ruptured Appendix. He was in Egypt at the time, as a YMCA chaplain to the troops from New Zealand and Australia. World War I was in full swing.

In his short years he had devoted himself to Christian ministry. He traveled, taught, wrote, and ministered.  
And yet... this is about his wife, Gertie.
Gertrude Hobbs became Oswalds wife in 1910.
By chance (or not) she had been trained as a court stenographer.

At the time of Oswalds death he had written one book, titled, Baffled To Fight Better. Today, there are over 30 books that bear his name.
He had much to share for the eyes of the world...but his time was short.

 In steps Gertie....
affectionately called Biddy, short for beloved disciple.
This woman spent half a century.. 50 years, compiling her verbatim short hand notes into the books we have today, that bear his name. 
 What a woman and what a team they were, even after his death. 
God, in all his wisdom, put these two together and made beautiful helpmates.
To glorify Him and to teach us through the insight of Oswald Chambers.

I have learned much from Ozzie as his words are deep and go straight to my heart many days. Yet, when I think of Gertie, I see a woman who loved her God and her husband enough to look beyond her pain. She mourned for a time and then decided to devote herself to the glory of God. 
She is a Godly example to me and a reminder, when I am feeling lazy and and want to quit.
Press on, the goal is ahead.

I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. Philippians 3:14

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