Aug 29, 2011

Circles In The Road...

Recently my husband and I were driving through a rural part of the state. The state I am speaking of is rural to begin with so when I say "a rural part", I mean desolate, without building or man, lonely, forgotten.
We were driving in this area as a short cut, a way to get out of said state. Not naming the state, that would be deliberately hurtful though there might be some head nodding in a knowing kind of way.

growing up in the metropolitan New York area I was accustomed to New Jersey circles. I am not talking about the circles that are found in the fields of England, thought to be messages from aliens. 
I am talking about the traffic moving kind that New Jersey is famous for.
Other states have tried and failed and leave me baffled as to what drivers are thinking as they proceed to drive in a straight line... through a circle. Last time I checked circles were still round.
That is another blog... for another person. I do not use language that might fill that blog post.

As I was alluding to circles...
As we were driving through this barren land we came upon a circle. The speed limit was 60 miles per hour along this road. So... I was surprised to come upon a circle, without warning, without traffic and clearly without purpose.
There was nothing here but the circle... for as long as the eye could see.
Nada, zilch, niente, nulla, nol

For a minute I thought it was a scene from Blazing Saddles when they created the fake town in the middle of nothing. 

Why in the world was there a circle there? I will never know..... clearly, someone thought something big was coming to this " neck of the woods".
I am still shaking my head.

It did make me think about the path less traveled. 
Do I take the same roads everyday, knowing what is around each bend. The path I am familiar with... where I can stay comfortable.

Do I travel in circles, without purpose, never getting on to the straight path?
Circles are meant to move us along, to push us out into the traffic, where we can follow the direction we  should be moving in.

Psalm 119:35 says, " Make me walk in the path of your commandments. For I delight in it."

Do I walk with God on the path He has prepared for me, or do I create my own path, repeating the same mistakes and wondering why things never seem to change? 
Let's get out of the circle of repeated failures and walk victoriously with the God who has great things for His sons and daughters.
His paths are always straight.

Proverbs 3:6
"In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight."

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