Aug 10, 2011

One Last Parting Thought....


The time has come.. to follow the yellow brick road. This has been a 17 month journey and the last few hours will be the hardest and feel the longest.
I am already tired physically and have much more ahead of me. 
Then there are emotions..... 
How do you sum up the feelings of leaving a community that has blessed me and nourished me and my family for the past 16 years? 
There are no words and sometimes you have to accept that..... and just be.
I want to enjoy the moments with friends, even though there will be a few tears. Tears are good... they remind us how fragile life is. 
We truly need one another. 
 So, I will let them fall and be grateful.
If life is about anything it is the relationships we make, nurture, and watch grow.
I pray God's richest blessings on these friends, this community that I will always consider home.
And one parting thought......... Long Live The Chief !
Cheers to my Illini Community.


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