Aug 7, 2011


One of the best joys in life is girlfriends. 
These relationships are unique to any other.
They are unlike husbands and children because we can collect as many as we want and life gets richer. 
Try doing that with the a husband .... definitely not the same result.

Your family takes on that family look. You all resemble each other at some point... usually pointing to the dog. 
That is why I only have tall, sleek dogs. My goal is to look like my dog, not the rest of my family. 
My family is beautiful but if I were to look like my dog, I would weigh 125 lbs and have legs like a supermodel.

Each girlfriend looks different. Some are tall, short, athletic or have their nose in a book. Some are young, yet wise and others have jewels to share through the journey they have traveled. 
They may be loud and proud or the wallflower that I have to push out of her comfort zone. They may be deep into their faith or searching for their path in life.
They each bring a missing piece of the puzzle that frames my life. Hopefully I bring a piece to theirs. 
We look different and yet we are the same.
We need each other.

They are food to my hungry soul.
Life is rich together. The laughter and tears I have shared with friends for the past 16 years ..... well, its enough to get me through the transition looming ahead. Maybe....

The truth is, we girlfriends look alike. We resemble each other in our desire to share life together. The tears, joys, laughter... all that makes life rich.
We need each other.
 We know who will understand us, shaking their head in agreement as we rant or giggle or cry. Sometimes all three happen in one conversation. 
Who else but a girlfriend can enter this world?

I pray God will bless my girlfriends and go before us in all we do. I pray He will protect these relationships and give us moments of joy together. I look forward to sharing life with them ... even from afar. God is faithful and I know he has plans for all of us. Life is rich together.

Ladies, you are in my heart always.... my love for each of you is that of a sister. You make my life rich and there is void that is already stretching the walls inside me. I trust that God will show me the way... a way that keeps the love and beauty that you each hold, in front of my eyes.
He promises good to us who love Him. You are all that is good, so I have faith that we will share many more joys in life.

Be true to the One who created you, in His image. HE has plans for you , and they are good. Seek HIS face everyday and you will know you have spent your day well.
That is my prayer for you.

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