Aug 5, 2011

Walk In The Newness of Life

A week from today I will have arrived in Nashville and checked in to our hotel. 
The daughter will be catching up with her sweet housemates and the son will be counting the hours until  check in at his college dorm. The next morning he will meet his xcountry mates and he will be off... literally...running. 
My prayers will increase... even more than they have. I pray when he runs. I pray for strength, endurance, protection and a filling of the Holy Spirit.
Really...... I do.

Have you ever run 10 miles? 16 miles?
To most of us, this would be a daunting task. It is to him some days.... most days. Every day.
So, I pray.
I pray because I believe in a God who cares for every part of our lives. He desires that we excel and in doing so, give Him all the glory.
He is a God of details.
My desire for my son is not that he be the fastest or the best runner. My desire is that he be obedient to this opportunity in his life and be blessed by it.  Simple.... that is all.

I will have to trust. I will leave him in good hands, knowing we have prepared him well.
We must move on to where we are called. I will pray.

I will cherish my two days in Nashville and I will leave.... a different path than the one I traveled in. 
I will not return to my sweet community.
This journey will take me to new places and new people. 

No one will be replaced...  maybe a few additions.
No rush, God has a plan and we will follow where this journey leads.
He is faithful. With the son, with the daughter, with all of us.

A friend wrote a post today and shared a verse.
She moved 6 days ago.

Romans 6:4

How faithful is God? He gave her that verse today. It encouraged her. It encouraged me.

The truth is, whether you are moving in 6 days or will stay in the home you are in... forever, we are called to walk in the newness of life. God has given us a life of abundance through His son Jesus. We are new creatures in Him and if he calls us to go, move, change, encourage, bless,  learn, than who are we to say no?

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