Aug 2, 2011

Food That Nourishes

Dr. Bob, on Navy Ship The Comfort

Sitting at the dinning room table this morning, surrounded by boxes of stuff. The stuff that does not make up life but still is necessary.
The son is at one end of the table, I at the other. 
 A stack of chocolate chip pancakes sit in front of him, cooling. 
A promised gift after his grueling 14 - 400 meter sprints this morning. 
An encouragement from his mama to get up early and get it done. 
 Mornings like this are few, slipping away with each sunrise.
Soon he will be surrounded by new friends, challenging him in new ways, sharing college together. 
I am pleased. 
I am also praying.
He struggles everyday in his training. He knows he cannot do this without the strength of God. He is not strong enough on his own.

The pancakes are cooling because he is filling himself with food that will keep him from the hunger... in his soul.  Luke is where his eyes are focused this morning. Taking notes as he soaks up wisdom. He will need it in the days to come.
Luke, the physician follower of Jesus.  The Great Physician meets the human physician. 
 I am married to one of those. 

I am thankful for the gifts God has blessed my husband with. Clear thinking in emergencies, accurate diagnosis of my aches, pains, lumps and bumps. Annoying to him, yet reassuring to me. His words can comfort.
The way he is quick to help a neighbor or friend in need of stitches or talking through a recent diagnosis.
The amazing ability to touch someone's skin with scalpel, separating the layers and searching for the cause. 
Mending the person together again and waiting for healing to begin.
All because the person trusted the surgeon enough to yield his body in this way.

Luke was a gentle physician. He spoke often of joy, the Holy Spirit and prayer. He had great respect for women and their role in the church. He saw faces, never crowds, he heard personal stories instead of a mass of human problems.
He reminds me of my husband.

My son beats his body in the training he must endure to compete in college. Luke endured the training to become a physician and spent his life sharing Christ and supporting his dear friend Paul. He did not live the life of a modern day doctor. He suffered for Christ, daily.
My husband, enduring much to become a surgeon, willing to be used by God. He must daily give himself over to God, finding nourishment that lasts.

I too must seek Him, recognizing I am here for reasons other than my own. I run from self indulgence and self consideration... the deception of the evil one, that life is about me. 

We must fill ourselves with the One truth each day... or false gods will quickly take His place. 
Do we trust the Great Physician with our lives. Do we look at His life, do we soak in Luke and see the truths he shares with us through Gods perfect word?
Do we look at mature believers as they endure physically and emotionally for Christ?
Let us not be deceived by this world.

Do we daily yield ourselves to the Great Physician?

Let us fill ourselves with glorious, righteous food that nourishes for eternity. 
It promises to keep us from the constant, ravenous hunger of this world that seeks to destroy through its deception.

John 6:27
 Do not work for food that spoils, but for food that endures to eternal life, which the Son of Man will give you. For on him God the Father has placed his seal of approval.”

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