Oct 2, 2011

Peace and Light in being Still

The Scottish preacher Alexander Whyte wrote;

" I give thee thanks, O Lord. Evening draws nigh: make it bright. For as day has its evening, so has life. The evening of life is old age; and old age is fast overtaking me: make it bright... Let the fast-coming close of my life be believing, acceptable, sinless, fearless: and if it pleases thee, painless. And let me out-strip the night, doing, with all my might, some good work."

The passage of time. 

How beautifully written... the life we have, the way it may go, the light we seek. 

Today, let us think on these things as we are STILL.

Be Still and Know That I Am God.
Psalm 46:10


Be Still


Know that you are not God.

Know that I am God.

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