Oct 6, 2011


The grating sound of TV News that repeats itself, over and over, in case we have not heard. The humming of the oxygen machine.... the telephone, ringing, sending love and prayers through the thin line that reaches out like fingers to their world. "Have you heard, tell me how he is, what can I do?"

I look for a quiet place... I find none.

I Pray for my dad, to have comfort. 
"Lord, I ask for your healing, your mercy and grace in these moments." Thank you Lord, for always hearing when I call out to you.

Watching my mom hold his hand, sing a hymn to him, cuddle with him.
Thank you Lord for this picture of love you give me.

Praying for my mom to have comfort, peace and an iron will.
Thank you God for showing her... and me, the strength that she exudes... from You.

Feeding him ice chips and him smiling at me, reminding me that he is glad I am his daughter, and he loves me and is thankful I am there.
Thank you God for carrying us through this with your grace and mercy. 

Thank you for a brother and sister who have been here and are devoted to this family. Blessed that they call me each day and check in.... that they will return in a few days.

I am helpless and yet necessary. To walk with, stand by, hold up when the path gets shaky.

I look out to the beach and all its beauty and look within to the pain of loss.
How do I reconcile these two pictures before my eyes?
They remind me of God's power and grace and timing.

James 4:14 says,
Whereas you do not know what will happen tomorrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away.

Psalm 144:4 says,
4 Man is like a breath;
         His days are like a passing shadow. 

These scriptures are to help us keep perspective in our life. We belong to God and he has ordained our days. He is in control and will provide all that we need.
Will we trust Him when the day goes dark and the road is hidden with danger? Do we fear or fall on our face and seek Him, knowing there is no fear when we walk with the Savior.

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