Oct 9, 2011

Who Let The Holy Spirit Out?


   I have had some time lately… to look at my computer, organize my desktop, clean the keys…. Do you know how long it can take to clean up A through Z, when it’s been awhile?

My internet has not been up… can’t seem to find the code to log in … since I have been away from home.
So, I clean my keys… they feel nice now.

Problem is I do not know what to write….Life can change quickly. We blink and we are in another world.
I walked on the beach yesterday. I prayed. Prayed for peace, comfort and mostly an overflowing of the Holy Spirit.

We forget that I think.
Priscilla Shirer mentioned in her study, Discerning The Voice Of God, that the sin of this generation is the denial of the Holy Spirit.

I think she is correct.
We deny The Spirit by ignoring Him, failing to recognize what He is capable of doing for us, in us and through us….
We keep God in that little box… little, can you imagine? Who made God little?! 
I do, when I believe that He thinks like me….
So, I prayed for the Holy Spirit. To flow into me, and out of me….. to make a difference.

I wonder if you ever do this…. Do you forget the Holy Spirit?
He is real, an active part of the Trinity. 
Let Him out of the box…. And see what happens.

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