Oct 27, 2011

Snooki, Mother Theresa .... and What Reality Could Be

I think Snooki needs yellow Police tape wrapped around her.... with an extra dose around her mouth. 

I listened to her interview with Matt Lauer on The Today Show and I'm shaking my head after all this time listening to her Snooky-isms.
Does she realize she speaks nonsense? 
Does she believe her own words, does she think anyone else does? 
Sadly, I think yes.

 I quote Miss Snooki, "My ultimate dream is to move to Jersey, find a nice, juiced, hot, tanned guy and live my life."

This was the only quote I could find that did not have words that began with f, and I'm not referring to fun.
You can't blame it on being a Jersey girl, or the Jersey Shore, or the times we live in. 
No way, I will never agree to such lame excuses.

I was close to being a Jersey girl. 
New York is physically next to New Jersey, and we shopped in Paramus... no sales tax. That counts. 
I went to the Jersey Shore every summer.
I lived in Seaside Heights the summer I graduated high school (I was 17, what were my parents thinking?!)... same town as Snooki and her cronies. 
I believe she is actually living in my old house... yeah, I'm pretty convinced.

My husband is from New Jersey.
All of these things make me half New Jersey. 

I went to the beach every day, walked to work at the VIP Restaurant from 4 pm to Midnight, 6 nights a week,  then out to clubs, listening to some mediocre bands till about 3 or 4 am. I don't remember seeing The Boss, Jon Bon Jovi or Ricky Sambora, but I could have forgotten.
Yeah... so it was 1979, a few years ago. Do you know how bad people behaved then? Very similar to 2011.

I had so much fun during that time...and yet I never got in a fist fight, threw my drinks on anyone, becoming a drunken mess and I always remembered to come home... alone.
No, I was not perfect... I just had a different view of a good time than Snooki.
The reality of this..... reality TV personality is that Snooki isn't even from New Jersey, or Italian. She was born in Santiago, Chili, adopted by an American couple and grew up in Marlboro, New York..... even closer to where I grew up.
Yikes, the similarities between us are astounding.

What an opportunity this young woman has by being an American citizen, and now being famous. Oh, what a cheap word that has become. 

I wonder if Snooki had different influences on her life what she might have become. Of course, it's not too late. She still can be the woman God desires her to be, but it becomes harder as we grow up.
We become hardened and our eyes are covered by blinders... 
to the truth of what life can be.
We believe the lies that satan pushes... life is about us, you only have now, today, get what you want, don't worry about tomorrow.

Truth is, if this is your world view point, you had better worry about tomorrow. Eternity is going to be here in a minute. What have you chosen for yours?

Maybe if Snooki had known Mother Theresa, read Ann Graham Lotz, Ann Voscamp, studied under Priscilla Shearer, Beth Moore, listened to Rebecca St James, Nicole Nordeman, Yolanda Adams..... the list is endless of positive female role models we have. I just grasped at a few.
We are rich in women who love God and show what it means to be a healthy, strong woman.

 if we refuse to fill our souls with the truth of Gods beautiful, rich, exciting plan for our lives, we settle for junk.
Dirty, filthy lies and at the end of the day we see ourselves as worthless.
Our souls hunger for Him, not tan, Italian guidos. 
They will never satisfy our souls.

Trust me, I am married to one.
But, mine loves Jesus... but he still can't satisfy my soul and neither can I satisfy his.

I hope Snooki finds the Truth. What a great opportunity to use her fame for Him, for good and become a role model to young women.
Snooki.... I am praying for you girl. 

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