Feb 5, 2012

The Brotherhood Of Man.. Enjoy The Game

Waiting for the superbowl....

Just watched the NBC pre- super-bowl commercial titled The Brotherhood of Man. 

Listening to the words, they are pretty great.

Now, you may join the Elks, my friend,

And I may join the Shriners;
And other men may carry cards
As members of the Diners. 

Still others wear a golden key
Or small Greek letter pin;
But I have learned there's one great club
That all of us are in. 

There is a Brotherhood of Man,
A Benevolent Brotherhood of Man,
A noble tie that binds
All human hearts and minds
Into one Brotherhood of Man. 

Your lifelong membership is free.
Keep agivin' each brother all you can.
Oh aren't you proud to be
In that fraternity,
The great big Brotherhood of Man? 

You, you got me;
Me, I got you, you! 

Oh, that noble feeling,
Feels like bells are pealing,
Down with double-dealing,
Oh Brother! 

You, you got me;
Me, I got you, you! 

I want to live like that ... The Brotherhood Of Man. The membership is free, givin each brother( and sista) all we can. You got me , and I got you. Who wants to join me? Enjoy the game... and may your team win.

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