Feb 14, 2012

It's Valentines Day.. Let's Get Engaged.

Love is in the air. Red is the color of the day, with tiny cut out hearts making messes in classrooms everywhere.
 Yet stress, strife and emotional distance can be the words of the day. Let's face it, today is just another day... no matter how hard Hallmark tries to convince us otherwise.

We can say we love, admire, and are devoted...... but are we engaged? Not the sparkly diamond type of engagement, but the down deep kind of engagement? Through thick and thin, good times and bad.....
Not just with a spouse, but with our families, our friends.

Are we there for the people in our life who need us, count on us, love us? Will we be there tomorrow when we finish off the heart shaped box of candy, and toss aside the cards our loved ones hand picked?

Last night our two kids were Skyping us at the same time. Skyping for attentionwe call it.  They were both dialing and we could not figure out how to Skype as a group. Yeah, I know......

I unintentionally hung up on one while talking to the other. I repeated this three times.... They kept calling back! Winning! My heart longed to talk to both of them. 
It reminded me of when they were little, both calling out to me. 
This does not happen often now, as they are strong, independent adults. 
They took me a little too seriously when I told them college was their time to fly.....
Don't fly away my heart whispers now.

The hubby and I had dvr'd The Grammys and The Voice. We were ready to sing along......
Our kids called, we responded. "Grammy Who? I will watch Adele later." Repeatedly, no doubt. 

I was excited to look at my kiddos precious faces and hear about their days. 
We became fully engaged (except for the hanging up part) and it felt good.
Being engaged takes work, with our mate, our kids and friendships. 

I wish I could have some Do Overs
I could have been more engaged when my babies were young, when my husband needed me and I was too busy. When I ignored friendships and expected them to always be there. 

I can't ... and maybe I would repeat my mistakes.  
I have today. 
Today I can be engaged. 
I can choose to slow down and listen....
Engaged in the blessings of the moment. 
The graces that fall on me, though I do not deserve them. 
I can be engaged in the life I have been given, no matter where I find myself. 
I can be engaged with the people that God brings my way. 
The question is, will I? 
Will I engage?
Will You? 

Today is about relationships. Tomorrow is also about relationships.
 Let's get engaged.


  1. So true! The still time is when I can breath, focus and engage.


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