Feb 15, 2012

"We're grateful", she said......

I don't watch much television. One reason is because my television is not normally in the ON position. I prefer to have the 4 tv's in my house display a solid black picture with no noise coming out of them. Maybe a little strange... but I prefer quiet and once it's turned on, it quickly becomes the idiot box or boob tube as my parents referred to it. Can't really call it that name today. It sounds so dirty... I should have bought 4 large black frames and hung them up throughout the house.. would have been cheaper, with no monthly fees.

The other day my television was in the on position ... tuned to the local news channel. We have three local stations and I am trying to figure out which one is the ONE to watch. When we lived in Champaign everyone knew you watched Jennifer Roscoe, duh... In my new city, I have no idea.
As a newcomer I should get to know my community a bit. Discover if the mayor is a man or woman, where the major crime is happening, who runs the town, who not to tick off. Important stuff... sort of.

What I witnessed on the news was an older couple being interviewed. They were about 80, impeccably dressed,white haired, very calm in their demeanor. He, a retired professor at Friends University was holding his wife's hand.
Friends University is one of three local Universities and from a Quaker background, hence the name.  We tried to entice the son to consider it. We even met one of the cross country runners, very hipster, funny, cute, dreads and all. We knew he and Dan would be instant friends, no pun intended.
Once Dan heard the name of the university he dismissed it....He did not want to go to F.U. or Friends University of Central Kansas, as it used to be called.
Helloo... come on Dan,what's in a name? It's a great school, and you'll be ten minutes from mom and dad.
Hmm, maybe that had more to do with it...
I digress......

Back to my point. This lovely couple had been through some difficulties as of late. The husband had a bad fall which caused bleeding to the brain. He had recently had brain surgery. Okay, any kind of brain surgery is major, let's face it.
There is no out patient brain surgery....
"Honey, going to have my brain opened up this morning. Can you pick me up at three at the outpatient discharge? I'll be the one with my head wrapped up, like a mummy.
Yikes, that's a lot to go through at any age.

Recently, the couple had gone to the Doctors office for a follow up visit and upon returning home, the wife noticed the front door to their home was ajar. She being the smarty pants she obviously is, went back to the car, called police and waited till they arrived.
Upon entering they found the house quite disheveled. Not much was taken. The couple stated the thieves were probably disappointed as they did not even own a flat screen TV. Not even one.
Good for them, I was already looking for their phone number. We could be friends. They probably have a great library of books! Who knows what I could teach Dan about Quaker life.

What touched me about this couple was their response to the break in. The wife calmly looked at her husband and said, " We just feel very blessed." He nodded in agreement.  Blessed... not violated.... not fearful..... not angry. They felt blessed.

I am glad I turned on my television that day. This couple brought perspective to life. They showed what they value and how to have joy through trials.
They are no doubt thankful to have been able to go through this together. The husband wants to protect his wife and he was there to comfort her and reassure her that all would be okay.
This couple had experienced trials. You don't get to show off those lovely white locks without going through the fire. They had it together. They were solid.

We constantly get worked up over things that do not matter. Most of the stuff we upset ourselves and others with.... does not matter.

Then what does matter?
I believe relationships matter. My relationship with my husband, my children my family and everyone I come in contact with. Not just the people that I perceive may benefit my life. The ones who have nothing to offer me matter... they matter a lot.. sometimes more than I ever thought possible.
My relationship with The Creator of this amazing universe matters. He guides my heart to the things that truly matter. If it were not for this relationship, I would spend a lot of time.... upset over things that honestly, are not worthy of taking space in my brain.

I want to remember this couple when things get scary and hard.
Maybe I will find their number and see if they would like one of my televisions too.
Bet they say no.

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