Feb 21, 2012

Today We Feast...

Today is Fat Tuesday....... the day we feast. 
On this day in medieval times Christians would use up their milk, eggs and butter, abstaining from these treats during Lent. 
This day would include pastries, pancakes, Paczki (a doughnut) and Kings cake.
I walked into my grocery store yesterday and there were boxes and boxes of Paczki. There were also boxes of bright green and pink Kings cake.
I will admit.... 
none of those delicacies are in my house today. 
Instead we will feast on Cornish Game Hens and roasted vegetables tonight. 

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday.. when Lent begins.
Having grown up in a non catholic home, the days of Lent had escaped me, leaving me a bit confused, 
even doubting the importance and need for them. 
I feel differently now....
No matter our denomination, if we claim Christ as Lord, we can and should consider this observance important. We can find comfort and blessing in participating in this season of Lent.
Sometimes we miss observances of grace filled moments when not part of liturgical churches.

The good news is the season of Lent is available to all.... it's a matter of the heart.
Lent prepares us for Easter Sunday 
as we give up, pray, fast... It is an opportunity to quiet ourselves, bringing into focus what we will consider, recognize and celebrate during the weekend of Easter.

What we give up, or even begin is up to us. Maybe giving up and beginning is a good option. Giving up something we will really miss. Beginning something that will increase our faith and bring us into a more intimate place of worship with the Creator. Opening His word to us and becoming friends with the Messiah who came and gave His life for you and me.

He gave up His life and began a forever relationship with us when He carried his cross to that hill ..... that would change our world forever.

My prayer is we give Him these 40 days and let Him transform us into more of Him. 

Tonight over dinner, the hubster and I will decide what we will give up and begin, as we seek more of Him. Whatever we choose will pale in any way to the gifts we have received from Him, but He understands us in our weakness and He loves us anyway.

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