Mar 11, 2012

Look Up .. Not Around

I listened to a friend and follower of Christ speak on being overwhelmed...We can all relate to being overwhelmed from time to time. 
Some of us spend our whole life feeling overwhelmed.

He said Jesus is the Overcomer in our times of feeling overwhelmed. We need to look UP instead of around, in times of struggle.
He is waiting to lift us out of the miry pit we find ourselves sinking in. Our circumstances may not change... but if our mind is focused on eternity and Him... we then begin to have perspective. 
We become less, as He becomes more.

When this friend witnessed a friend lose his wife, his love, the mother of his children... he saw the pain and anguish of it all. Death can be cruel. He saw the red rimmed eyes from emotions and tears that threatened to overwhelm. 
My friend asked him how he was getting through this. 
The friend replied, 
"Oh, but there is Jesus."

That was it.. all that he needed. Jesus... because He is everything.

I know the pain this friend spoke of. I know that loss, the anguish, that feeling of falling off a cliff, without breath to scream or make the fall stop. 
You just want the pain to end.

It is a moment you choose, who you will put your faith in.. man or God. 
I chose to become less at that moment. 
A call was placed on my life for Him. 
What joy is mine because I am less and Oh....There is Jesus.

Look up, not around. 
The world has no answers for us. 
But there is a solid rock answer, our Creator and lover of our souls.

"Turn you eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face, 
and the things of earth will grow strangely dim,
in the light of His glory and grace."

Power, love, peace, grace and mercy.. all wrapped up in a Savior.
 He loves each of us... and is waiting with open arms.
Look Up Today.

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