Mar 12, 2012

Should Have Had Cake...

Trying to sneak, one handed, past the Italian cream cake for the Greek vanilla yogurt.... I had a natural disaster. 
Natural because the yogurt was naturally organic, 
the dog naturally jumped in to help me, 
and naturally words were flying out of my mouth at the speed of sound, in Greek I believe..... the end result, "I should have reached for the stupid cake instead!"

In my attempt to clean up my mess, I ended up spreading it all over the floor as the yogurt had squished between my toes. 
My intial mess grew exponentially until the floor had white globs all over it. 
Naturally (last time)
it made me think.....
I will do something, say something, write something. 
It will grow and spread, for good or bad.
I probably could not turn this mornings mess into much good, but I was given a picture. 
Being a visual person, I realized what was being spread all over the floor, 
I saw the truth of our lives.
We spread ourselves all around....
leaving some full and blessed and others, hurt and wounded.
Try cleaning up that mess. Like squeezing toothpaste back into the container.. just doesn't work. 
Our words hurt.
But leave someone blessed and well.... you can spread that stuff around all day long.

Spread some blessings today and by all means, eat the cake.

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