Apr 30, 2012

Sittin and Singin on a Sunday morn...

Went to church Sunday.  
Still trying to figure this all out. Sometimes you just want what you know. What you are familiar with, like the Sunday crumb buns of my childhood.
Doesn't work that way and every seven days, there you are... Sunday. 
Yup, Sundays coming and ya better be ready. 
But even when you are ready, it doesn't always turn out as you hoped. 

I found myself sittin an singin. Sittin an singin?
 That's not worship is it?
How can I not raise my hands, and stand in awe of Him? 
I was struggling to stay in my seat.
I told my husband we should sit in the back. Hey, if the spirit moved me, I was gonna answer.
The week before we had been in the company of a baritone, soulful man who sang for us. 
He told us to worship as we felt led. 
I did. So did the hubby. 
We were alone in the standing.. that's okay. 
My hands were raised.... in adoration and praise.
He said when you worship, it's between you and God, no one else. 
So, worship as the spirit leads.. but still, I dont want to be the story. 
Know what I mean? 
I am not trying to draw attention to me....
but I want to praise God in my worship and that's how it feels right.

There are lots of ways to worship and I appreciate many of them. I find a liturgical service very peaceful, calming and sometimes just what I need.
Contemporary worship songs are some of my favorites.
 There are no right or wrong styles as long as the desire is to glorify God. 
So why do we get hung up on what "we" like? 
I have to remind myself that Christ is at the heart of all true worship, whatever the style.

Until then I will raise my hands, to Him and recognize my role is to honor and glorify Him. He will provide the home for me to do it. 

What's your style of worship and how is it working for you?


  1. I used to prefer the traditional Baptist worship service like when we were back @ First Baptist in PJ all those years ago, but for the past several years, the worship needs to be contemporary in style for me. The modern music and participatory style sets my heart and mind in the proper state of being to fully worship the Lord to the fullest.

  2. Agreed Chuck. Throw in a couple good ole hymns, maybe to a little different beat and I am a happy camper.
    thanks for your comments.

  3. The timing of this blog is uncanny. Last Saturday, I had this overwhelming urgency to participate in the worship in my church...I just felt like Sunday morning coud not get there fast enough for me....I NEEDED to worship Him....for me,there was not going to be anything new or different...same church, same worship team (my 15 yr old son on the drums woo hoo!) probably some of the same songs.....when Sunday rolled around and the music started, I realized there WAS something different...ME! I fell into it with complete abandon and felt so close to Him, inside outside....just wonderful!!!! Hope you find a wonderful church to live in...Proud of you and your husband for listening to your hearts!!!


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