May 26, 2012

If I had known

This week, this year, this life. 
If I had known...
If I had known that the decisions we made 17 years ago to leave the east coast and head for the prairie would lead us where we are.... leaving people we love, crazy sad.
Living in a lovely college town with even lovelier people.
Leaving that town.... with part of my heart, torn in pieces, given over to others.

Life Is Beautiful.

If I had known our kids would end up at different Universties in the same city.
The miles that would be tread over my heart and hills along the way. 
Buying a house together.
If I had known the joy of painting a picket fence with my sweet ones. 
Living under the same roof again, if only for 10 days.
Taking a walk in the early morning with the boy.
Riding a bike with the daughter, and then later with the son. 
Planting flowers, digging up dirt, grass, doing laundry in a new washer and dryer.
 Folding my sons tee shirts. 
Making him a sandwich. 
Helping my daughter pick out drapes for this new house.
Going to the churches they have chosen.
Taking communion together and my son looking at me and asking....
 if this year has been difficult for me, the challenges of moving and being so far away from one another. 
Sharing with me the challenges and joys of his first year of college.
The daughter graduating from college, getting her first real job.
Seeing my daughters heart, deep and thoughtful. Grounded in a way I was not at her age.
Watching the son work with the dad, to make this house a home.
If I had known...

Working till exhaustion for them, for friends.... for us...
A place to be family. 

If I had known a year ago we would be doing this... nuh uh... It wasn't on my radar. My plate was full. There was so much change blowing in my life. It was like watching twister, minus the cow. 

If I had known .....
Years ago I said to him,"How will we know if the choices we are making are right for our kids?"
He looked at me and said,"We won't know for sure until later, when they are on their own."

It's later.
Now I know.
They are lovely and we are blessed.
Thank you God for being a faithful Father.

Life Is Beautiful.


  1. Beautiful, beautiful post. :) May God bless you and your lovely family.

    Ps. Love the photo you used. <3

  2. Thank you Super Mel ! I love your blog... great writing. Keep sharing the love:)


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