Jul 3, 2012

50 reasons my summer will not be Grey or Magic...... Though Still Magical

Do I love to read? Yes. My nightstand is always four or five deep in books. 
Am I a prude? No
Do I like a variety of reading material? Yes.
Do I read love stories? Not so much. They tend to be boring, repetitive and so easy to figure out. Hello.
Do I like to read things that challenge me, make me question, make me better? 
Yes and amen.

Do I think 50 shades of grey or gray or grayish will do that for me?
Am I judging you for reading it?
No..... really. However, sometimes I get a little sad when I see what we waste our time on.
Guilty to wasting my time on things you don't? Yup.

Do I think Magic Mike...(what's his name) is about the darn cutest boy I have seen in a while? 
You betcha.
Do I think this movie will make me a better wife, mother, mentor, writer, daughter of Christ by watching it? 
I have tried to find ways to answer this with a yes. I have even considered volunteering my time as a movie critic... just for a week....
I still come up with no.
Am I judging you for watching it?
No.... really.
However, sometimes I get a little sad when I see what we waste our time on.

My 50 reasons why my summer will not include Magic Mike or that Grey guy.

1) I am salt and light of the earth. Matthew 5:13-14... I should probably act like salt then.
2) I am a branch of the true vine, a channel of His life. John 15:15... Wow, this sounds important.  
3) I have been chosen and appointed to bear fruit. John 15:16... I see clearly my role here.
4) I am a personal witness of Christ's. Acts1:8... I am to share who He is with you.
5) I am God's temple. 1 Cor. 3:16... This one really got me. He lives inside of me. He goes where I go.

6) I am a minister of reconciliation for God. 2 Cor. 5:17-21... I am to bring you back when you have walked away from the one true God. I want you to see who He is, through me.
7)I am God's co-worker. 2 Cor. 6:1... I have an important job.
8) I am God's workmanship( masterpiece) Eph. 2:10...  I am not filling this masterpiece/ temple with garbage.

9) I believe the phrase garbage in, garbage out.
Reading what has been called porn trash and rape fantasy is garbage to me. You might argue that I have not read it. However, I would say, I am informed enough to know it would not be edifying. 
Am I glad we have the freedom in this country to put this trash out there? Yes. 
Do I want it to sell? No.

Would I love to see women run to the book stores and buy Dietrich Boenhoffer or C.S Lewis and see what it is to be a man devoted to Christ?
Yes... a thousand times yes.
Do I want you to take it home and beg your husbands to read it?

10) I don't think either of these options show respect to my husband or the relationship we desire to share. We are far from perfect and sin against each other daily,
so if a gut check says maybe it's not a good choice for me... I will listen to it.
Why consciously sabotage our relationship by a choice when I can just say no.

I said I had 50 reasons.. I lied. Read each of these five times.

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