Jul 7, 2012

Where Do You Tweet?

My life in tweeting...
This morning.... I did my three miles on the treadmill, grabbed some water, my phone and headed for the shower. 
Promises of 104 today leave us searching for a movie to cool off in, before heading to church at 4 pm. Yeah, that's how we roll here.... we can hit the 4 pm service, have dinner and be in bed by 9. Tomorrow we will go to the 9 am (different church) and enjoy a pancake breakfast... it's an all inclusive. 

I turned on the water, and while waiting for the fogging of the mirrors to begin, I scrolled through my tweets. I responded to one as my husband walked into the room. He said without dropping a beat, " I hope you aren't sexting." I started laughing so hard, and then responded... "No, its about macaroni and cheese, and he's a pastor, 15 years younger than me, and he lives in Virginia."... Did I really just defend myself? 

Social media is funny. It is so instant... like the time our son skyped us, from his room at college. It was about 10 pm and it's always a pleasure to see his face.
I didn't know we would be seeing the faces of half his xcountry team that night. We are in bed... in assorted sleeping attire and all of a sudden he is introducing us to his team.
Yeah, I wanted to die.
Didn't really want to meet the guys in a black nightgown.
I usually save that till we've shared a meal. Lol

I have shared even more embarrassing moments of my social networking..
 some that certain people will never forget.
I know I am not alone.
Care to share?

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