Aug 20, 2012

I Got Clout... I Mean Klout... I Mean Beer
Are you familiar with Klout? 
 It describes itself as...
The standard for influence. A place you can discover and compare your influence with others.
Great. One more social media outlet, marketing thing that I can struggle with. 
I still find it hard to upload pictures to blog posts.... 
Now I have a new tool to search for how un-influential I am. 
And why am I concerned with that anyway? Most of us are. Most of us just don't admit it.

I'd like to think that I am an encourager. I enjoy helping people see their full potential.
I see the glass as half full or even flowing over. 
I am a positive person, though I do struggle with a cynical, snarky side.
For years I thought cynical was a fruit of the spirit.
Evidently not.

I checked my Klout. I found my score to be below average and my influence on people.....
Are you ready?


Yup, I can't make this stuff up. 
Evidently, I am a below average, beer enthusiast trying to influence a motley crew of a few to join me. 

I mentioned this to my husband and asked him what word he would come up with to describe my influence on others.
He offered shopping, nagging your husband, ways to avoid cooking.
Okay, I made those up. 
He came up with a few thoughtful, brilliant words.
All of which were 
according to Klout.

It was so ridiculous it made me laugh.
So I checked my Klout today.
My number has risen dramatically... to a whopping 46. 
Yesterday I was 31 and my influence has now spread to Beer, Moms and Wichita. 

So, the jig is up. You know what I have been doing since I moved.
It used to be Bible studies with moms.
 Now it's Beer studies, with moms in Wichita.
It's Wichitawesome! 
Just for the record...  I have never played beer pong, do not own any red solo cups, nor have I ever worn goggles, unless I was swimming.
There could be a couple of frosty mugs in my freezer but I'm sure they are for root beer.

Is there a point to this? Besides that beer can be beneficial, moms are (a)mazing, Wichita can be weird... 
and Klout is kooky.
What do You want to be known for? 
Who do you influence and are you aware of it?

I want my influence to point to something other than me. Because obviously I am only going to point you to beer.
I want you to see faith in a God who loves me from here to eternity!
I hope that pops up on Klout some day.

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