Sep 24, 2012

Things You Don't See Everyday... Honey Boo Boo Style

photo   Last weekend the hubster and I drove 1,200 miles.... round trip. 

We are a visual to behold when traveling.
Car, crammed full of treasures I'm convinced we can't leave home without... and two puppies. 
One hundred twenty pounds of puppies at that moment.
Picture the Clampetts, minus the rocker on top.
Because of the history we share with this famous family, I recognize a site when I see one.
Last weekend was too easy. 
It was pure cheating.

Now I have seen Honey Boo Boo...
and I have no words.
Something just wrong about that whole thing. Can I get a witness?!
This road trip... was a trip, and I needed a witness.

 I love a road trip, but I despise public restrooms, of any kind. 
You may say, "but aren't you glad they are there when you need one?"
No, I am not.
I would rather tinkle in the woods, any day, any weather, anytime.

I know, I know... sometimes I can't see the forest from the trees. 
Don't worry about it.
So, with no forest available I was forced,
 to go. In. There.

 First rest stop...
I see...
a woman, butt naked in the ladies room, holding her wet pants up to the dryer. 
I was speechless, so was she. 
I ducked into the farthest stall away from her. 
My mind spinning with possibilities.
Trying to decide if I should have said something... Of course I should have asked if I could help. Maybe hold her pants? 
No. She was doing fine and that would be... bad. 
Ask how her day was going? 
No. It was pretty clear how her day was going.

Then she started explaining. 
Something about having to go and not making it.
Yea, actually I had that much figured out in the game of charades we are playing here.

I did make sure she was not alone.
Yup, Bubba was out in the truck. 
Okey dokey then.

Second rest stop...
Opening the door to ladies room,  I am greeted by a huge pit bull, thankfully on lead. However the person in control of the lead was in the stall, the dog was not. Guess he already went.
Pretty sure he was not a guide dog...
but what do I know?

Next time I am taking the road less traveled. It will be full of trees I bet.
And probably full of Honey Boo Boo's too.
That's okay, Jesus loves us all, but we don't have to share a bathroom.

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