Oct 8, 2012

In Quietness and Thanksgiving

 I have been quiet.
The zeal of the everyday takes over. 
Quietness of my heart is lost. 
Sometimes I wake and think I have nothing to share, offer, encourage.

Today I read
"One does not write what has already been written. One writes out of the storehouse of revelation and personal knowledge gained through painful experiences of growth. You cannot escape the growing experience without forfeiting the other. You will cease writing if you cease learning. You do not learn to write but write as you learn." 
Come Away My Beloved

I see it is good I have been quiet. I have much to learn.
When I step away from my Truth Teller, Giver of Life, I am like a man without a tongue. If I speak it will be nonsense and confusion to your ears.
I will not even understand... because I have eyes that glimpse a short distance, detecting but a shadow in a dark corner... always contemplating my earthly desires.
I know this.. deep in my heart.
I have been quiet, listening to God, waiting on Him. 
This has been a time of growth. They seem to come in waves, perhaps because I do not remember or learn well.
 I will never be done with these times... times of quiet, solitude, sometimes feeling cast aside, jilted, forgotten... by Him, my God.
He is there, growing, shaping, pruning.. oh the pruning.
I am grateful for these times, even though they gouge at me, tearing away places I keep sacred... for me.
He strips me bare, showing me my ways... that are not His ways.
And then He brings me to Thanksgiving.
Yes, glorious Thanksgiving. Not just a season but a place of comfort and truth... a place to remember. Remember TRUTH.

This will be my call to remember.
Thanksgiving for all that He is and all that He has provided for me.
Especially times of quiet.

"He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty."
Psalm 91:1

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