Sep 17, 2012

Things You Should Not Pay Half Price For...
                                     Some things are better the more they cost.. or so I believe.

Things you never want to pay have price for...
Cosmetic surgery.
Face lifts, Botox... will I be able to tell which was the half price eye, lip, side of face?
Probably any type of surgery... I'll pay full price. 
No half off gall bladder surgery for me, no siree Doc. In fact, add a fine bottle of red and steak dinner to that bill.
And make me look hard for that scar. No jigsaw puzzles here.

Two for Ones aren't good either...
Do one boob, (I'm not sure what you do to it) get the other free, or even half price.
Let's be upfront... I will pay full price.
Lasik surgery.
I am not looking for a good deal here. Let's be clear.
Sorry for the puns. 

Groupon deals for skydiving.... 
My husband showed me an advertisement for skydiving in Nashville.
I was tempted. 
The nino wants to skydive in the worst way. 
Me too, but Ima chicken poop scared.
I'd love to jump, but truthfully I'd rather stand naked, (okay, fully clothed) in front of 1,000 people and start talking. Hopefully it would sound like speaking... at some point.
I'd have to be prepared... to speak, and also prepared... to be thrown from a plane.
The difference is in the preparation.
I got the prep. for the speaking...
The prep for the plane would be drugging me, then waking me upon jumping. Then I'm good. I got this.

I quickly realized that I don't want any kind of deal if it entails jumping from a plane. In fact, I will pay you double if you can promise me my son will be walking, talking, and making sense... well, nix that last part...  upon landing.

Deals are tempting but usually we end up with stuff we didn't need or really want.
We get sucked in by the deal part.  Who doesn't love a deal?
I'm kinda done with deals since Living Social and I broke up and Groupon and I are only half speaking.

What's your favorite deal?
Would you jump for half price or would they have to pay you to jump?

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