Nov 12, 2012

New Every Morning...

Lord, your ways are perfect, unspoiled and true. 
Each morning we have the opportunity to come before You and seek your face. 
Make our paths clear today. 
 Make your ways known to us.
Establish yourself deep in our hearts. 
May our desire be for You and your people... Recognizing You show no favoritism. All we meet are your children. 
Some have simply not met You yet.
Give us a heart of compassion. 
A mind of wisdom from above, and hands willing to dig deep, where moth and rust will not destroy.
May our eyes be on You, not ourselves. 
May our desire be for Your Glory, not our own.
Bring a sister and brother alongside us, to lift us when the load is too heavy. To encourage and remind us of the truth.
If we are a stumbling block to any, may it be because they see You, not us.
Lord God... Our time is short. May we lay up treasure in heaven and not be confused with the wealth the world offers.
You alone are our treasure.

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