Dec 9, 2012

Advent... Dont Let It Get Away.

Three purple, one pink, one white. 
Just candles.
But they remind us. A visual reminder of Christmas. This is the one that draws me back, to the original meaning. 
The meaning I struggle to celebrate.
In truth, this tradition of candles may have been borrowed from pagans, signifying the hope of the sun returning in the midst of winter.
I get that.
Christians turned it to a symbol of preparation for the Christ child.
Four Sundays, four candles.
Four opportunities to be still.
Candle of Hope... God's promises to us.
Candle of Preparation... reminding us to get ready for God. He is coming.
Candle of Joy... reminding us of the angels proclaiming the birth of Christ.
Candle of Love... reminding us that God loved us enough to send His only Son to earth.
Finally, The Christ Candle... white, the color of purity, reminding us of Christ.

Most of my church history neglected traditions or symbols from the church calendar. 
We did Christmas and Easter.
I thought this was okay, even good. Not getting lost in traditions and symbolism. 
Funny thing is, you can still get lost.
I realize that I need reminders. 
To call me back, slow me down, quiet my heart and think on the reason for this season.
I am grateful for this reminder and how my husband and I create this on Sunday morning.
Simple candles, but how full of meaning they are when words are spoken from God's word and prayers are offered up to Him. 

How do you prepare for this Holy season of Advent?

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