Dec 5, 2012

Just Do Your Best... And Remember, As The Needs Arise He Supplies

(My boy, doing his best)

I am connecting with women in my new community. 
I should not be surprised as this has been a prayer... one of the biggest.
It is also one of the reasons I journal. 
So I remember.
Which reminds me...
 I am in a book club. First one ever. 
Me too. 

I have never been in a Bunko group either.
I'm kinda hurt really.
 How am I not good enough to join your dumb bunko group?
I would probably quit after 3 times if you want to know the truth.
I would find it tedious, a waste of time.

Book clubs are different. They challenge us to think outside the box.
 We met last night. 
We were charged with bringing ideas for books for the next few months. This group is diverse and smart, so I figured they would do fine without my Sams Club top ten list.
We have writers, artists, teachers, an ex pat, who recently moved from Belgium to Wichitawesome. Really... poor gal. 
And others... all interesting and funny.
They were talking about books they had read as a group, and for a moment they struggled to recall the names, plots, characters.  
It's funny if you think about it.
At one point I blurted, "Well, why do we bother reading. Let's just eat cake." 
Yes, I really said that.
Perhaps this book club needs a journal.

 We don't always remember do we? 
The good stuff anyway.
 We manage to hold on to the bad.

This morning I did remember.
God's faithfulness.
I read...
 "Seek first the kingdom of heaven;
set your desires wholly to obtain the riches of God,
and all other things shall be freely supplied as the needs arise."
Come Away My Beloved- Francis J Roberts

As the needs arise, He supplies...
He is bringing fulness to my life again, through new opportunities and people.
Opportunities to engage with women through one on one relationships, study groups, corporate worship, speaking and writing opportunities.
There were moments I doubted.
Sometimes I retreated inwardly, telling myself lies.
I wasn't good enough. 
I did not have anything to offer.
He has a way of drawing us back to Him, reminding us of His truths. 
Those days of doubt, we stuck together. 
He didn't leave me.
I complained. 
He was faithful.

I read a book recently about an Olympic Athlete, in the decathalon. That is 10 events in track and field. 
Brutal. He won the Gold in Beijing. 
He said God spoke to Him in his moments of doubt, when he wanted to quit because he believed he wasn't good enough.
He felt this often.
He told God he was done with this brutal, crazy sport. 
He couldn't take it, the pressure, the physical pain, the injuries and exhaustion.
In the silence he heard God speak to him...

Bryan, I do not expect you to be perfect. I just expect you to do your best.. I'll make it good enough.

God says that to us.
Do your best. You don't have to be perfect.
I'll make it good enough.
God is perfect... so we don't have to be.
 We just have to do our best.
As the needs arise, He supplies.

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